Luke Zocchi – What it takes to train Chris Hemsworth

Welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table Podcast legends!!
On today’s episode of the podcast, we have Luke Zocchi, Personal trainer, best known for his work training Chris Hemsworth and the Centr app. Whilst hanging out at The Farm at Byron Bay, we chat about Luke’s origin as a boxer and part time electrician and how that led him to becoming a personal trainer. We talk all about his relationship with Chris Hemsworth and how training a Hollywood actor is different than training a normal person. Luke really stressed the importance of kicking your ego to the curb and soaking up information. He also talks about his coffee company SIPP and the steps they take to be more sustainable. To learn more about Luke you can follow him on
Instagram ( @ZocobodyPro – )
Facebook ( )
Centr ( ) .
If you would like to help the victims of the Australian bushfires, a couple organizations that are helping out are
NSW Fire Brigade – ,
Red Cross –
Koala Hospital –
World wildlife fund –
The Victoria Fire Department –
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Luke Zocchi – What it takes to train Chris Hemsworth

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