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Michael Gervais – Training the Mind to Improve Performance


Welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast legends! Today, we have Dr. Michael Gervais, founder and host of Finding Mastery Podcast, high-performance psychologist, and co-founder of Compete to Create. Today we chat all about what galvanized Michael to enter the world of human performance with a focus in sports psychology. He gives insight on some of the patterns he sees in the VIP athletes he works with as it relates to mindfulness, recovery and sleep. We also talk about Finding Mastery, and his favorite episodes of the podcast thus far. If you want to learn more about Dr. Michael Gervais, you can check out Finding Mastery ( http://findingmastery.net ), Compete to Create ( http://competetocreate.net ) or his Instagram ( @MichaelGervais ). Thanks Legends!