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Michel Nischan – Bridging the gap between low income and healthy eats!


Hey Legends! on Today’s episode of the Epic Table Podcast we have Chef Michel Nischan! Chef Nischan is a four time James Beard award winning chef, Co Founder of Wholesome Wave and, Founder – President of Wholesome Crave. Through Wholesome Wave, Chef Nischan pushes positive vibes, is all about making the right nutrient dense fruits and vegetables available at local farmers markets or grocery stores at a reasonable price. In this episode we chat all about Wholesome Wave, and how it all began and we talk about some of the issues revolving around education and government. If you want to learn more about Chef Michel Nischan, you can check out the Wholesome Wave website ( https://www.wholesomewave.org/ ) , Instagram ( @MichelNischan ).