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Mike Kirban – Building a Better-For-You Beverage that is Better for the Planet with Vita Coco

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Friends! Welcome back to the Epic Table Podcast! Today’s guest – also friend and brother, is none other than Mike Kirban, Co-Founder & CEO of Vita Coco. He is unquestionably one of the most successful beverage entrepreneurs of all time. Since co-founding Vita Coco in 2004, Kirban has led the brand to dominate and disrupt the coconut water industry, all the while committing to raising coconut farming communities out of poverty through their philosophy of Give, Grow, Guide. Today, Vita Coco coconut water is available in over 75,000 stores in 13 countries world wide. These days Mike is doing it all again with a wide variety of new products with a new focus: reshaping the brand to better the planet. This is a movement that is important to all of us and it is encouraging to see industry leaders like Kirban leading the way through the influence he’s built with his company. On this episode we talk about how he started Vita Coco, his journey and how it has led him here, his leadership style, and how exactly Vita Coco is helping the planet. On top of all this, Kirban was awesome enough to bring over some Vita Coco swag which inspired me to make today’s dish, an oh-so-delicious Vita Coco-nut Chocolate spread that goes well on just about anything! To learn more about Mike Kriban and what he’s building, you can head over to https://www.vitacoco.com/.