Nolan Hirte – How much is coffee worth to you?

Hey team! We are here live at the first Charley St. Latte art throwdown! On today’s episode of the podcast we have Founder and CEO of Proud Mary Coffee, Nolan Hirte! The seed to cup process can be very unforgiving, we talk about the importance of establishing healthy relationships with farmers, we chat about Nolan’s inspiration behind opening three game changing cafes between Australia and the US. Whilst chatting, Nolan brewed us both a beautiful Costa Rican coffee on pour over. If you want to learn more about Nolan you can follow him on iInstagram @Nolan.Hirte ( ) If you’re traveling and interested in trying out Proud Mary Coffee you can check out the Proud Mary Coffee website and instagram (USA) , (AU) ,(Instagram)
Thanks Legends!!

Nolan Hirte – How much is coffee worth to you?

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