How this plant based athlete became the 5th fittest on earth! – James Newbury: Part One

Hey Team, welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today, James Newbury schools us on the fundamentals of CrossFit! James is one of Australia’s top tier athletes, finishing the Iron Man with a time of 10 hours 14 Minutes, 4x winner of Australia’s fittest man, and an all-around legend of a fitness coach. We talk about how CrossFit athletes train, James’s eating habits, and how he approaches a plant-based diet. James also talks about his recovery techniques and how they benefit mental and physical health. If you want to know more about James and Soul365 you can find him on Instagram ( @JamesNewbury ) or his website ( ).

Talking Points


James talks about his past in the world of athletics, and the crucial fundamental skills needed to compete in the games. 11;57;24

How does a cross fit athlete train for competition? How does mental health play a role in performance? Doing what makes you happy. – 28;56;13

What does a CrossFit athlete eat in a day? – ( 42;11;21 – Continued in part two!)


Thanks for tuning in legends!

How this plant based athlete became the 5th fittest on earth! – James Newbury: Part One

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