Does your diet work best for you? – Adena Neglia

Team, welcome back to another episode of the Epic Table podcast. Today we have Adena Neglia, Registered Dietician for the Brooklyn Nets! We talk about some of the latest health trends , which are worthy and which are complete myths. Adena gives us insight into the day in a life of a registered dietician. Adena also touches on why 95% of diets fail. If you want to learn more about Adena, you can check her out on Instagram ( @Adena_Neglia ) or her website ( ).

Talking points


What does proper calories intake look like? 00;31;45;28

Recovery Nutrition, choosing foods that sit well with Adena’s clients 00;38;45;27

Adena touches on Plant-based athletes. 00;48;46;02

How to determine if your diet works best for you. 00;57;29;06


For more healthy recipes you can head to

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Does your diet work best for you? – Adena Neglia

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