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Sarah Larson Levey – Go with your gut instinct–it’s there for a reason


Hey Team, Welcome back to another day in NYC! Today on the Epic Table Podcast we have Sarah Larson Levey! Sarah is the Founder and CEO of Y7, a non-traditional yoga studio that features a dark + dimly lit atmosphere accompanied by a wide variety of music… Yes, that means controlled breathing in warrior pose while listening to Cardi B, pretty baller! During this episode we talk about her early life as a fashion brand executive and her philosophy on yoga and we chat about going with your gut and standing up for what you believe in. While chatting we threw together a very beautiful Varsity Blue Bowl, one of the many great options at Charley St. To find out more about Sarah and her brand you can visit the Y7 website ( https://www.y7-studio.com/ ) or check out her instagram ( @Sara_Ayako). Thanks Legends!