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Steve Uria – Use your whole heart at anything you do


Hey Team! In today’s episode, we have Steve Uria my good friend, fitness guru, and CEO of Switch playground. Switch Playground is worldwide known as one of the highest-rated fitness facilities with 4 locations in South Africa and 2 in New York City. Switch Playground offers great trainers and latitude of group activities that are carefully studied and designed to fit the needs of each client. We learn how Steve’s special forces military background influenced his style of training today, we touch on his early life during the apartheid and we chat about how to become a metabolic billionaire. If you want to learn more about Steve, you can check out his Instagram (@SteveUria), his website ( http://steveuria.com) or check out the Switch Playground website ( https://www.switchplaygroundusa.com or https://switchplaygroundsa.com) Thanks, team!