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Tobias Peggs – Doing Well by Doing Good, Innovation at Square Roots Urban Farms

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Hey team! Welcome back for another episode of The Epic Table Podcast. Today we have good of mine, Tobias Peggs (@tobiaspegggs on Twitter), CEO and Founder of Square Roots. This is a company that is building a community through innovative technology and business development – paving the way for sustainable urban farming, while cultivating a new generation of farmers. As a chef I’m passionate about this industry, and I’ve partnered with Square Roots at my restaurant because they are able provide some of the most delicious and nutritionally optimized ingredients. You’ll all learn more on how Tobias does this while I whip up an amazing farm salad using the ingredients he’s gown at one of the Square Roots shipping container farms. You can learn more about Square Roots at https://squarerootsgrow.com/.