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How to Train Formula 1 Drivers with Michael Italiano

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Hey Team, Welcome back to another episode of The Epic Table podcast! Today we have Michael Italiano, Formula 1 Driving Fitness coach, fellow Aussie and around legend. In this episode, Michael delves into his past, starting off his early career as an architect and civil engineer, and how he diverted to fitness and performance ( 00;04;12;09 ). We then talk about the intricacies of how Formula 1 drivers perform, the three biological challenges they face and how Michael trains Daniel Ricciardo (00;26;18;14). Michael then schools us on how much G force a Formula 1 car can exert. Did you know Formula 1 drivers can endure up to 6 Gs of force when breaking? That’s a lot of force! ( 00;37;10;09 ). If you want to learn more about Michael you can check out his website ( https://www.michaelitaliano.com/about-michael/ ), Instagram ( @MichaelItaliano https://www.instagram.com/michaelitaliano/ ) or Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/michaelitalianocoach/ ).

Talking Points


How do Formula 1 drivers train? Do they have to be fit? How does Daniel Ricciardo train for his races?

Why Michael gave up a future as an architect to become a fitness coach.

Biological challenges Formula 1 drivers face. What is G force? What does G force do to your body?

Thanks Legends!